i dont wanna be a tease

would you undo my zipper please.

katelynn leann!
7 August
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Maureen Johnson is Diva!Love

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Emily Quartermaine Cassadine and Nikolas Cassadine (General Hospital character) at soap_claims
Emily Quartermaine Cassadine (General Hospital character) at soap_claims
Jason Morgan and Sam McCall (aka JaSam) at soap_claims
All my Children at claim_your_show
Adriana Lima claim_a_diva
Alexis Davis claim_a_diva
Kate Roberts claim_a_diva
Greenlee Lavery claim_a_diva
all my children theme! claim_tv
one life to live theme! claim_tv
Salem, USA (days of our lives) claim_tv
Babe Carey's blue headwrap thing [when she went to vist Krystal in jail] claim_tv
Krystal Careys prision uniform (all my children) claim_tv
Britney Spears claim_actress
for miss K. JAY. V. Julia Roberts claim_actress
Howie from BIG BROTHER 6 claim_a_fella
Sonny Corinthos claim_a_fella
Greenlee Smythe and Kendall Hart.[all my children] claim_tv (friendship.)
Sonny Corinthos vs. Lorenzo Alcazar. [general hospital] claim_tv
Samantha McCall vs. Carly Benson. [general hospital] claim_tv
Greenlee Smythe and Kendall Hart.[all my children] claim_tv (rivalry)
Pizza Shack [General Hospital] claim_tv
Harbor View Towers [general hospital] claim_tv
Harbor View Towers penthouse #4 (sonnys penthouse) [General Hospital] claim_tv
Greenlee Smythe [all my children] claim_tv
Samantha "Sam" McCall [General Hospital] claim_tv
Gwen Hotchkiss [Passions] claim_tv
Fancy Crane [Passions] claim_tv
Jessica Buchanan [One Life to Live] claim_tv
Natalie Buchanan [One Life to Live] claim_tv
Gwen Hotchkiss and Ethan Winthrop [Passions] claim_tv
Nikolas Cassadine and Emily Quartermaine [General Hospital] claim_tv
Dancing with the Stars. claim_tv
Days Of Our Lives. claim_tv
One Life To Live. claim_tv
Sex and the City. claim_tv
Soapography. claim_tv
The Real World. claim_tv
Full Frontal Fashion claim_tv
Rebecca Budig. claim_tv
Kelly Monaco. claim_tv

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Sam et Sonny pour toujours Natalie et Christian pour toujours de Ryan et de Greenlee pour toujours


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